Willow Wellness Center
1400 Renaissance Drive
Suite 401
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Abundant life for the rest of your life.

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So far ...

We-a psychologist and a pastor-created Willow in 2004 as a unique space, where our great joy (working with older adults; see Am I Too Young for Willow?) met with our community's deep need for psychotherapy services that were both aging-friendly and spiritually-informed. We began with beautiful art pieces, soundproofing, and chairs considerate of aching knees; our clients brought the space to life with their hope, their courage, and yes, their tears.

Since we began Willow, we have expanded our staff in ways that better serve our clients and their families-and in so doing, have expanded the range of adults we can help. One of our psychologists practices couples/family therapy and focuses on improving relationships and communication; another enjoys helping individuals work through life's transitions and changes.