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Dr. Sandra G. Carey
Dr. Sandra G. Carey

Dr. Sandra G. Carey

Dr. Carey is both a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Nutrition and Health Educator. Her hope is to join people on their journey towards an authentic, peaceful, and meaningful life, believing everyone has a unique road to travel towards optimum health and well-being. Specific areas of interest and experience when working with individuals in psychotherapy include grief and loss, spirituality, healthy relationships, depression, mindfulness, women's issues, and living vitally throughout the life span.

As a Nutrition Educator, she offers assessment, information, guidance, and support on many issues pertaining to dietary patterns and specific nutrients. This work often enhances the work done in therapy, to strengthen mind, body and soul.

Combining these two areas of expertise, Dr. Carey helps people address the complex interplay between mental health and issues of diet and healthy lifestyle. Her research has focused on how dietary patterns and exercise affect symptoms of depression and anxiety, and believes there is a strong correlation between emotional well-being, nutritional patterns and physical health.

Dr. Carey's work is ultimately motivated by a desire to equip others to live life with the greatest amount of balance and vitality.